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Gugu Guru is the leading online community of baby product experts.  We offer personalized, unbiased product recommendations tailored to meet each parent's unique lifestyle needs & wants. We educate parents on how to make the best and, most importantly, safest product choices for their families - enabling them to become true experts. We then empower our community to help other parents do the same.

What You'll Get

Step-by-step tutorial videos (value $100)

Registry assessment quiz template (value $100)

Baby registry must-haves and nice to haves checklist (value $50)

Best parenting bloggers and gear specialists to follow (value $10)

Popular baby registries comparison sheet (value $10)

Membership to Gugu Village (value $150)

Bonus: Sample baby registries (value $60)

Bonus: Eco-friendly brands to check out (value $5)

Bonus: Active  family brands to check out (value $5)

Bonus: Frequent traveling family brands to check out (value $5)

Bonus: Baby shower resources (value $10)

Bonus: Car seat selector cheat sheet (value $20)

Bonus: Car seat safety tips (value $10)

Bonus: Considerations for parents of multiples (value $20)

Bonus: Complimentary registry assessment review or final registry review (value $25)

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Gear Up with Gugu Guru!

    • Tell us about you!

  • 2

    Overview (watch this first!)

    • Gear Up With Gugu Introduction Video

  • 3

    Registry Assessment

    • Registry Assessment

    • Assessment Quiz

    • Gugu Guru Must Haves and Nice to Haves Checklist

    • Parenting Bloggers and Other Resources to Check Out

  • 4

    Building the Perfect Baby Registry

    • Building the Perfect Baby Registry

    • BONUS Gear Up With Gugu: Baby Shower Resources

    • Baby Registry Comparison

    • Sample Baby Registries

    • BONUS Complimentary Assessment or Registry Review

  • 5

    Gear Up With Gugu: BONUSES

    • BONUS Gear Up With Gugu: Resources for Parents of Multiples

    • BONUS Car Seat Comparison Chart

    • BONUS Gear Up With Gugu: Car Seat Safety Tips

    • BONUS Eco-friendly Brands to Check Out

    • BONUS Brands for Active Families to Check Out

    • BONUS Brands for Frequent Travelers to Check Out

    • Join our Private Facebook Group!


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What our community has to say...

Eliminated the overwhelming feeling

by Sarah H.

Gugu Guru eliminated the overwhelming feeling of picking products as a first-time mom so I can now enjoy the process and feel confident.

A professional, individualized experience.

by Monique A.

A professional, individualized experience. More than that, you can feel confident and supported whether you're a first time mom or doing this for the third time.

Directed me toward the products that suited our city lifestyle

by Denalee M.

It truly directed me toward the products that suited our city lifestyle, saving me so much time and introducing me to products I am still using today (2 years later).

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